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Basic Features - Mentor


*Unlimited Pupil Connections possibilities


Calendaring - Group, 1:1, different locations


Profile - Pupils, Schedules, Payment history


*Based on local market demand/supply

Flexible terms

Low Flat Fee, No % minimums, Keep control

Premium Features - Mentor

Added Features

Priority in Like listings, Time & $


Secure ongoing structured feedback ( to Pupils
on Premium plan)


*Based on data captured and availability on platform over a period of time


Multi Mentor profiles for different talents or skills


What is PupilMentor?

PupilMentor is a Mobile-First Relationship platform that enables Pupils (Adults) or Parents | Children (Minor Pupils) and Extracurricular Mentors (i.e. Talent Providers including Sports Coaches, Music and Art Teachers, Tutors) to make long term connections for Pupil’s well-rounded personality and character building.

*PS: The word “Mentor” or “Mentors” is used consistently in the context of PupilMentor Services to include Sports Coaches, Music and Art Teachers, Tutors (in STEM) etc. who provide for paid lessons - private, public, individual one on one or in groups – in public or private locations (physical or virtual online settings).

PupilMentor helps one or more Parent | Child (Minor Pupil) connect with one or more Mentors for all your after school or extracurricular activities. PupilMentor is targeted at optimizing time, money and focus for all participants as the children go through their multi years training journey building their talents.

PupilMentor will enhance the Talent sharing providers pool to better manage the objectives of kids’ Extracurricular activities supporting their College aspirations and goals.

Why the name PupilMentor?

Pupil means a student in school or young person in college, being taught or influenced by a talented, famous or distinguished person a.k.a. a Mentor (see below).

Mentor means an experienced and trusted adviser in a college, school or company, who trains and counsels school or college students. Now that’s what any talented coach, trainer, teacher, tutor, instructor, guide, guru, counselor or consultant is too.

*Trivia: Pupil also determines how much light (knowledge) is let into the eye (to build pupil’s personality) in this case via a Mentor!

Why the Turtle branding?

A Turtle consistently signifies (in many different cultures around the globe): longevity, patience, easy-going.

In a world of instant gratification, this highlights an important aspect - it takes time, effort and persistency of the Pupil with various Mentors in the development of well-rounded personality and character building whether en-route for college admissions or career.

*Trivia: “Slow and Steady Wins the Chase™” (a variation of the famous “Rabbit & Turtle” or “Hare & Tortoise” fables of old from kindergarten!) represents this well - indeed Turtle is jumbled in the PupilMentor brand name too.

What browsers and devices are supported?

PupilMentor supports the following browsers:

  • Mac Safari 6 or later
  • Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

  • PupilMentor supports the following devices:

  • iPad2 or later
  • iPhone5 or later
  • All Android and Windows devices.
  • Can Mentors provide their Services directly without arranging via PupilMentor?

    Pupils and Mentors agree and acknowledge that in cases where the parties have initially been introduced through the Service, it is not an express violation of our Terms for either party to offer or accept the provision of mentoring services directly between the parties without arranging such mentoring services through the Service.

    We believe that either the sum of all services we provide are of much value-add for both sides of the relationship and so you will like to use it continuously without circumventing the Services itself or you find that not all features are a value-add for your specific goals, objectives and aspirations.

    We are fully supportive of this so in the true spirit of the talent sharing economy and understanding that one size (solution) doesn’t fit all needs, we leave it entirely up to the Users or Members (Parents, Pupils, Mentors) to leverage the most beneficial uses of this platform with the understanding that any time they do circumvent the Services, then they essentially cannot make up for the lost time and data which will provide trend analysis and other such value-adds in the future.

    PupilMentor or affiliates will have no liability in such cases of interactions as detailed in the Legal Terms & Conditions.

    Can Mentors bring their existing Pupils onboard to manage their business better?

    Yes, Mentors are encouraged to do so and there is no extra charge for that. We believe in more the merrier!

    How does PupilMentor work? (Mentors)

    As a Mentor (18 and over or 18-21 as per individual residence state guidelines), you sign up by creating your profile (via your Facebook, LinkedIn or an Email Id) and listing basic information about yourself, your talent/s or expertise, locations and open times for Pupil mentoring.

    You also have to read and agree to our independent contractor “Terms and Conditions” (in short as not being an employee of PupilMentor or it’s holding companies and hence ensuring being covered by one’s own professional liability insurance and not under the company’s insurance policies etc.).

    Parents | Pupils generally prefer Mentors who have their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles well updated and current (so they can check them out for references or referrals themselves) and those that have their backgrounds checked via 3rd parties and prominently displayed as a badge of trust especially for new connections. *PupilMentor provides for this service via a 3rd party at a pre-arranged discounted cost to Mentors. Mentors, who avail this service, will be billed for this as a one-time cost, with no additional fees or overheads.

    Using your Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn id’s provides another level of authentication of yourself besides eliminating you having to remember yet another id for managing your business. That’s it – you are now listed!

    Depending on your specific extracurricular talents, your profile will be shown when Parents | Pupils search for a Mentor in Sports, Music and Arts or Education | STEM (or for any one of them) matching your location (local community or city) or in the proximity of a few miles from your home or school as per your listed preferences.

    Once you get found as an appropriate Mentor profile matching the Parents | Pupils needs to reach their next level or true potential, they can Connect with the You (Mentor) either by scheduling a calendar event you listed or if more details are needed, communicating via secured messaging to exchange their needs regards schedules, location, contact info, pricing, etc.

    What does the Mentor have to do to get going?

    As a Mentor (18 and over or 18-21 as per individual residence state guidelines), you

    1. Sign up and create your profile with basic information (via your choice of Facebook, LinkedIn or an email id). *No credit card required; your 1st trial month is free.

    2. PupilMentor keeps the flow flexible to your way of doing business. Either

    a) You can “publish” calendar entries for pre-determined “group” sessions that’s publicly visible and allows many Pupils to search, connect and learn under your guidance at a preset place and time or

    b) You can make calendar entries for one on one sessions that’s private with a specific Pupil once they (as new Pupils) search, connect, request for specific day/time/place for sessions to learn via exchanging messages or calls

    c) You can make and schedule sessions with existing Pupils as per your and their conveniences.

    *A Session creates an open event in Mentor’s & becomes a Calendar entry once a Pupil connects & selects a particular Session) *

    What are PupilMentor charges?

    PupilMentor has flat monthly subscription plan fees with no other hidden costs. Mentors decide what they charge for their individual (private) or group sessions with their Pupils either as a generic displayed hourly rate or customize it based on the needs of the Parent | Pupil.

    *There is neither any add-on flat-fee charges for new Pupil connections through PupilMentor, nor a % cut/service charge from the Mentor’s earnings, nor any minimum threshold of new connections or sessions. You have one simple flat monthly or annual subscription rate period for the specific plan you have signed up for.

    How do Mentors or Parents | Pupils make payments to PupilMentor?

    If you have enrolled to the Basic, Premium etc. subscription model with PupilMentor, then Payments to PupilMentor are on a monthly or annual basis that is settled via your payment card method of choice (mostly any credit card types) as per the agreement between PupilMentor and a Parent | Pupil or PupilMentor and a Mentor.

    Parents | Pupil’s (over the age of 18 or 18-21 as per individual residence state guidelines) or Mentors can pay directly to PupilMentor using online payment methods of Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.

    Why is an Annual subscription better than a Monthly one for a Mentor?

    *We recommend, once you love our platform after initial free month usage and signup for an ongoing subscription, that you do so for the annual subscription model. Why? We strive to keep our platform as the most cost effective value-add solution possible.

    The reason is simple math: Credit card companies charge 0.35c per transaction +~3% of the transaction amount + ~1% incidental costs etc. See below table or explanation for e.g.

    Subscription Monthly cost
    Secure PCI facilitator
    Subscription Monthly x 12
    Secure PCI Monthly x 12
    *$10 used for simple math!
    Subscription Monthly cost
    Secure PCI facilitator
    Subscription Monthly x 12
    Secure PCI Monthly x 12
    *$10 used for simple math!

    Subscription Annual cost
    Secure PCI facilitator
    Savings over Monthly x 12
    Making it more Mentor WIIFM
    Save $24; 20%; 2.5 months free
    Reduce risk

    Subscription Annual cost
    Secure PCI facilitator
    Savings over Monthly x 12
    Making it more Mentor WIIFM
    Save $24; 20%; 2.5 months free
    Reduce risk

    Can one Mentor see other Mentors of a Pupil or Pupils of other Mentors?

    No. PupilMentor guarantees your profile to be completely confidential and secured for your needs. We don’t resell or allow access to Pupil information without the consent of Parents | Pupils.

    At the same time, we also guarantee the safety of one Mentor’s book of Pupils from another. Under no circumstances any Parent | Pupil info will be made available publicly. It will be available only to the Mentors with whom Parents | Pupils make connections to.

    Are Mentors guaranteed to get new pupils?

    We do not guarantee new pupils for any Mentor. The volume of pupils depends on your geo-location, the specific talent or skill you are imparting, the mentor pool in the vicinity of the search criteria, etc.

    Mentors with awesome profile photos, videos, detailed service descriptions, Background Checked badge, connected with Facebook and LinkedIn are most likely to attract new Parents | Pupils.

    Once Mentor posts their profile on PupilMentor.com, they should also communicate through their personal social networks for marketing about their presence on PupilMentor, have likes and/or have recommendations from customers.

    If you market yourself better with best quality images, best references, background checkmark, existing Pupil’s reviews, etc. etc. and primarily provide your best during your Parent | Pupil interactions, then you will be able to connect more, teach/impart more, thrive more i.e. earn more. So use the platform for the best benefits to grow your business.

    How do Mentors receive payments?

    Parents or Pupil’s (over the age of 18 or 18-21 as per individual residence state guidelines) can pay directly to the Mentor/s using cash or check at any time (hence without any involvement of PupilMentor) given their direct face-to-face interactions & comfort level.

    In case the direct exchange or paper checks and cash is not the preference, then PupilMentor provides for robust and secure (128-bit encryption, PCI-compliant) digital payments via credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.) brokered by leading industry payments solution provider BrainTree, a PayPal/eBay company. (Also see “How Do Pupils make payments to Mentor/s?” in FAQ).

    The Mentors will have a sub-merchant account that will be used to transmit the payments directly to their bank accounts. PupilMentor provides the streamlined mechanism for the one-time setup process whenever a Mentor raises an invoice for the 1st time. PupilMentor facilitates the transaction on its platform providing the full convenience to Mentors for quick effective payment settlement without Mentors having to worry about the technology aspects of payment & settlement.

    The usual credit card company processing fees (~3.25% of the total transaction amount) will be passed on directly to the Mentor with no additional fees or overhead charges. At the time of raising his or her invoice to the Parent/Pupils, the Mentor can either add these fees separately or have it automatically included as part of his/her fees for convenience.

    This provides the ability for Mentor’s to get their money directly into their bank accounts – catering to everyone’s need, ability and comfort levels.